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Welcome to CCAB Certification

We run the UK’s only independent accreditation scheme for Clinical Animal Behaviourists.

Our mission is to protect and promote the welfare of animals by setting and upholding the highest standards of practice of Clinical Animal Behaviour.

We are an independent accreditor and register of clinicians. We are a non-profit organisation and operate purely to protect animal welfare, by setting and upholding the highest standards for the practice of Clinical Animal Behaviour. We are not a course provider, nor a membership organisation for the behaviourists we accredit. Veterinary professionals and animal care-givers can therefore rely on our independence and objectivity.

Our company was originally founded with representatives from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the British Psychological Society, and the International Society for Applied Ethology. 

We continue to maintain the same, original, high standards, agreed at the outset with those organisations.

Independent assessment by CCAB Certification provides assurance to veterinary professionals, pet owners, and animal caregivers, that a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) has the knowledge and experience to perform their role safely, professionally, and to a very high standard.*


All CCABs sign a commitment to adhere to the CCAB Code of Conduct

* Please note that the CCAB accreditation programme has been developed primarily for the European market and people working outside of this area should be aware of local and regional variations in required standards.  CCAB accreditation should not be considered equivalent to accreditations outside the UK such as ABS in North America.

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