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African grey parrot

Clinical skills (second and subsequent species)

For accredited CCABs, assessment of clinical skills for an additional species entails a short (45 minute) practical assessment in which your observations, communication with the client, treatment plan and ethological knowledge of the species will be assessed.

Please complete this form if you would like to apply for accreditation in another species and send completed applications to us at

The process and timelines for a second species assessment are shown below.

1. Complete and submit your application form

With Case Log, Presentations Summary, and payment of your application fee on request.

2. Agree a date for the Practical Assessment

After we have received your completed application, we will contact you to agree a mutually convenient date for your Viva 

3. The Practical Assessment

See 'What happens in the Practical Assessment?' for details

4. Results and feedback

The results of your assessment and feedback will be provided a few weeks later.

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