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Academic Requirements

This first stage of assessment focusses on the theoretical knowledge and understanding required to qualify as a CCAB, which is gained through academic study. Passing this stage of assessment results in the award of Pre-certification. The award of Pre-certification is a pre-requisite for applying for assessment of Clinical Skills.

(If more than two years have passed since you completed your academic study, when applying for Pre-certification, please provide evidence of CPD for the two years prior to application.)

Choosing an academic course

The most direct route to achieving your pre-certification is to complete a course which has been validated by CCAB Certification. Course validation requires that the institution running the course formally submit the course curriculum to us, for assessment against the knowledge criteria specified for the role of CCAB. If an institution has not submitted their course for validation, unfortunately we are unable to comment on the suitability of the course to cover the needs of individual applicants (in which case please see below for how to apply for a Pre-Certification Review).

Validated courses:
Previously validated courses:

The following courses were previously validated but are no longer running. Applicants who graduated from these courses during the period of validation are counted as having taken a validated course:

  • Newcastle University, MSc Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare

  • University of Bristol, BSc Animal Behaviour & Welfare Science


Graduation from a validated course at FHEQ Level 6 with a 2:1 classification or higher grants you Pre-certification, for which 

you can apply with the application form for validated course graduates. Please send completed applications to us at

Non-validated courses and Pre-certification Reviews

If you have studied a non-validated course, or graduated from a validated course with a 2:2 (or lower), a PGDip, or a PGCert, to obtain your Pre-certification you need to map your relevant qualifications against the criteria for CCAB and request a Pre-Certification Review.

Guidelines on how to map your qualifications against the criteria set for CCAB can be found here.

When completing the mapping, if you have completed all aspects of a validated course other than the dissertation/research project, you can refer to this in sections 1-7 of the mapping document then complete section 8 to show how you meet the research skills and project requirements.

Please submit your mapping document and request a Pre-Certification Review using the following application form.

The cost of a Pre-certification Review is £100. Please note that re-submissions will incur a repeat review fee.

Please send completed applications to us at

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